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Great for small business people and individuals…who want to promote themselves or their business online.


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This Course is designed to give you a total understanding of how to present yourself, your point of view
and your material with optimum effect when appearing on Film, TV or Radio.

At the start of the course your strengths and weaknesses in voice, image and movement will be
identified. Immediately, a tailor-made program will be implemented for you, designed to address your
specific media presentation problems and goals. This course comes highly recommended for people just
starting out using YouTube and podcasting.

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What you will learn:


  • How to control your anxiety and speak confidently.
  • How to sound convincing, authoritative and persuasive.
  • How to use your body to help you in front of the camera.
  • How to match your tone to connect with other people and masterfully lead them into listening to what you’ve got to say.
  • Breathing techniques to help you keep cool when the pressure “hots up”.
  • Learn how to speed up or slow down, and how to use inflections and pauses to make what you say more interesting.
  • Sound good if you ever have to read information aloud.
  • How to get rid of irritating ticks and nervous gestures.
  • How to improve your diction and pronunciation.
  • How to organise, devise and deliver a clear message and get the results you want.
  • And much, MUCH more!

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